Client Closet Wishlist for 2021

Every year the studio puts together a wishlist of amazing garments, gowns, and dresses to add to the client closet, which is available for use by clients during outdoor and studio portrait sessions. This year, I have decided to publish this list and offer a complimentary session to anyone who purchases the dress for the studio as part of the Prop-to-Print Service.

What Does This Mean For You?

In short, using the client closet is free. The PtoP service goes above and beyond by allowing you to choose any garment from around the world and use it for free. The fine print is that you purchase the approved garment in your size and arrive at the session wearing it, you bring the unwashed garment to your ordering appointment with the receipt, and the studio will buy it from you in the form of art credit which can be applied towards any art purchase, whether print or digital. It is truly a win-win-win option that many clients have taken advantage of over the years.

This year, because there are so many beautiful gowns on the wishlist, I am stepping up the reward and offering a FREE session in addition to the regular PtoP offering as an extra incentive for my top favourites.

Ready To Participate? Choose Your Garment!

Choose your favourite option from the options below and submit the contact form at the bottom of the page to submit your request to participate in the project. And YES, you can absolutely choose to purchase more than one! (just wait until we’ve spoken to confirm your eligibility)

The lovely FreeThinker boho lace dress from Flutter Dresses (with the matching beige slip) is at the top of my wishlist, and I am sure you can see why! [qualifies for a complimentary session]

The stunning RuffleMeRightUp linen and TeaPartyGown dresses from We Are Reclamation are on this year’s wishlist for their simplicity and dreamy qualities (and many others of their beautiful linen and lace dresses qualify for the standard PtoP service). [both qualify for a complimentary session]

This A-line dress from Torrid has the perfect amount of lace and textured details that you can style it for a wedding or for a family/maternity portrait session and look absolutely radiant. [qualifies for a complimentary session]

The Buttercream Mom+Me+Baby SET of DemiDress from Ivy City Co is the perfect way to keep things simple and coordinating, and add a bunch of fun accessories (think floral shoes, decorative hats or headbands, and more!).

The Dawn Lace Gown, Chloe Duster & Gown, Canyon Moon, Elizabeth, or Novella gowns from Spell are so beautiful with their abundant lacy details and textures, and would look amazing for studio and outdoor sessions. [qualifies for a complimentary session]

This lovely Seraphina lace gown from Belle and Kai is available in mama and child sizes, and is just the right mix of whimsy, dainty, and twirly, making it perfect for mama and me portraits!

The minimalist Clara or Alexis or Amy gown from Silk Fairies in a gorgeous black or neutral is calling my name. Such a simple way to highlight a growing belly in-studio or during any outdoor season.

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous Briana bohemian lace gown from MaternityPhotoProps. It’s been on my wishlist for a few seasons now, so I am really hoping someone snags it for a session this spring or fall to take advantage of the earthy sage tone or a or neutral (champagne/taupe/mocha). [qualifies for a complimentary session]

Is there another garment you think should be on the studio wishlist? Send it our way and let’s get your session scheduled! Submit the contact form below to request to participate in the project. And YES, you can absolutely choose to purchase more than one! (just wait until we’ve spoken to confirm your eligibility)

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